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Madeline. Photo by Alacia Adrienne Photo Co.

About Me

Hi I'm Madeline Zenz. I am a web and software developer and an artist. I graduated in April 2023 with an Associate's of Applied Science in Web and Software Development from Western Technical College. I also studied graphic design at UW Stout for one year before deciding to change career paths. I am still very passionate about art and design and when I am not working, I am often painting, drawing, or working on a project. My artistic talents also bleed over into other areas of my life and I incorporate design elements into my software development and my current job as a custom framer.

In high school I pursued my artistic talents by taking AP art classes and going to state in the Visual Arts Classic. My curiosity and passion for learning is what led me to pursue a career in the IT field. I enjoy learning new things and finding out how things work.